Local Regulations

Local Regulations of cannabis seem confusing, and lack consistency.  In order to better understand your business you must understand the rules where you operate.  Make sure to get experienced legal counsel to guide you through these confusing decisions.  

Getting to know your local officials, understanding and participating in the regulatory process, often times prior to those regulations being set in stone have been critical to the success of many of our clients.  

Your take away from this should be to attend as many of your local rule making sessions as you can, understand the process necessary to pass proper regulations, and make sure your local representatives support your position on matters, or elect someone into their position that does.  Anything from the threat of a Recall, to an in-person meeting can help achieve your goals.  Don't be afraid to understand and become part of the process.  

       Local Process

Starts with you.

Understanding who and how can get you to where you want to go

Who are your local officials, and establishing relations with these officials is critical to streamlining a process for a local regulatory process that will benefit both your business interests and the local municipalities goals.  Determining the interests of your local officials both regarding cannabis, and on other issues will help you pave your path to a successful future for both. 

Where you choose to operate will effect your bottom line, whether it be regarding taxes, safety, legality, or success, wise decisions need to be made early on in this industry, and our experts and consultants can ensure you make those choices correctly the first time.

How the process works and ensuring compliance with those regulations is also critical in successful process and policy formation.