The Art of Argumentation

Whether your battle is big or small ELG is there for the long haul.  We realize that courtrooms are some times the only way to get justice and our job is to get that for you.  If you are considering litigating as a Plaintiff or your being sued talk to us about what we can do to help you achieve the best possible outcome.  Some of our clients never thought a win was possible, but our dedicate staff has the experience you need establishing confidence and a strong momentum from beginning to end.  

Why Litigate?

Some avoid the courtroom, and others enjoy the process.  We at Emerald Law Group strive to give each client litigating their case an opportunity to express themselves, fight their fight, and as a team enter the litigation with a strong plan.  Achieving a winning strategy together we can best represent the clients voice in a manner that the court process demands.  

Often times people get stepped on and let other take advantage afraid of standing up for themselves, or their rights.  Corporations settle despite overwhelming evidence that they are in the right, and the same goes for the individual.  The courtroom is intended to be a forum where one can get a fair trial, but scare tactics, and intimidation from the system and the opposition end that possibility.  

We at ELG strive to perform for our clients within their budgets and time frame whenever possible and do what we can to mitigate the process.