Internal Audits

Robust Regulations require State of the Art Technology, and this industry demands this information be at our Fingertips.  Often times records, and their reasonable availability can be the difference between a warning and a nightmare.  Know what and how you are allowed to operate and be vigilant about not taking unnecessary risk. 

Taking Cannabis Commercial

Keeping your team on task, and your productivity profitable in the cannabis industry has challenges often unrecognized by the industry newcomer.  Understanding this product, this market, and these regulations, can help make your team a success.  Knowing where your product is and how you are going to get it to market can be critical. 

Retail & Distribution

Internal audits are critical to operating in today's Commercial Cannabis Market in California.  Our consultants are trained to Audit Retail and Distribution license holders and let you know what needs to change before the regulators insist on it.  This aids on both development and enhancing day to day business operations.    

Real Time Systems

Computer Programs and Systems can be customized to meet industry and individual corporate needs, offering security and system information at the touch of a screen on and off site, allowing owners to rest assure that the system and efforts they have taken to ensure their business are working and effectively aiding in the company's bottom line.