Industry mistakes have caused many to throw in the towel.  While the regulatory system is intended to embrace already existing businesses the reality is that constant changing regulations and unchartered territory have caused millions to be lost.  And though the cannabis industry is expected to reach 50 billion dollars within our lifetime easily, millions have been lost in this time of great regulatory shift.  A great amount of this loss comes from inexperienced money trying to enter the cannabis market.  In loss of product, lack of security, or failure to plan properly, inexperience causes many to forget that at the end of the day we are dealing with a perishable product, one whose expiration date can change depending on packaging and storage.  Much like improperly storing or curing wine, cannabis can also be spoiled and result in fortunes lost.  

Top Industry Don't's

Transportation paper work not in Vehicle

Transpo Compliance

Keep Track of your Deadlines

Licensing Expired

DBA an entity without a filed DBA can mean disaster.


Just as your permit can expire so can any orther business that is licensed that you do business with, make sure they are all current,  

Doing Business with Unlicensed 

Navigating The Industry

Industry aficionados with nothing to learn often have the biggest risk and the smallest amount of experience in regulated markets.  Fringe and grey regulations have allowed many operators to skim off the top, maintain two set of books and pay little to no taxes, while forbidding wealth accumulation.  This formula has encouraged a false economy limiting banking coming in from an otherwise illegal market.  This industry shift to regulatory market has not yet negatively affected the rate of cannabis in the ever-prolific black market.

Over burdensome taxes & regulations & law enforcements failure to recognize the industry as lawful has led black market cannabis to sell for a fraction of what the taxed & regulated market is able to bring the product to market.  Regulators should embrace black market producers & aid these operators into compliance. 


Compliance Audit Consultant

We help clients every day start, continue, and cure ongoing issues with distribution, keeping mind the importance of both practical business experience and the legal compliance knowhow to make sure you have the tools to make the right decision.  

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Ensuring compliance requires real time access

Keeping up with operations requires more than how to pick and process great products.  Even industry experienced operators can make wrong decisions that costs them business down the road.  We are here to help guide you in a direction that works best for you now as well as years to come.  

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Obtaining your Permit

Cultivation permits in CA or site specific and are issued by your local and state government, or just State if not regulated by your local jurisdiction.  Knowing the particularities of your jurisdiction requires expertise and knowhow in terms of determining the then existing, and potentially evolving policies and procedures.  The local tax rate may determine the jurisdiction you choose to do business with. 

State of:


Make sure you are clear on the cost going into your endeavor as many cultivators easily get in over their head.  Luckily, financing or partnership are possibilities to those looking to license their cultivation.  I suggest starting off small, and ensure profitable numbers, before delving in so deep that you realize you have spent to much.  Our experts can help you crunch those number and get to your bottom line.  

Top Industry Do's

The IP, your image, Trademarks and Branding create your image make sure it can be defended. 

Manage your Brand

Ensuring seamless transfer of industry requires effective integrtation wtih the state.  Prepare and embrace this process and work with the state to effectuate compliance and proper understanding to such with your team,.  

Track & Trace Compliance

Having template approved contracts for your agents to use as standard operations will ensure your agents don't agree to unfriendly terms on companies behalf.  


Having friendly neighbors, government, both local and state is the best way to ensure smooth operations

Maintaining good neighbor, local & State relations